Who We Are

Pacific Northwest Fattitude (PNWF) is a 100% volunteer-run group that organizes year-round events for fat folx in the Pacific Northwest.

Photo by    Morgen Schuler   .

Our Mission

The mission of PNW Fattitude is to foster a fat-positive community in the Pacific Northwest by providing safer spaces for people of size to celebrate their bodies, have fun, get inspired, find support, and connect with others.


PNWF is committed to:

  • Accountability & integrity

  • Being all-inclusive

  • Welcoming people of all body acceptance levels, even those who have yet to begin the journey

  • Educating ourselves and others about fat oppression and the intersection of other systemic forms of inequity

  • Openness to different points of view, and honesty in speech and conduct

  • Facilitating and moderating conversations about fat politics

  • Challenging myths around fatness and health

  • Providing safe spaces for people of size to congregate


Five Things You Should Know About Us

  1. We believe fat people deserve to have fun(!) and we strive to make our events as accessible and enjoyable for the entire community.

  2. Any level of participation is encouraged. Attend every meeting, drop by once in a while, only come out for the fun stuff - whatever works best for you!

  3. We’re always open to constructive criticism, feedback, compliments and suggestions.

  4. In order to have productive conversations around issues of oppression and discrimination, we believe that it is necessary to address actions or behaviors that do not reflect the values of PNWF when they occur - but always with respect.

  5. We take our Code of Conduct very seriously. Please be sure you have familiarized yourself with it before attending our events to ensure the safety of both you and other community members.