Trillium Lake Loop Hike


About the Trail

Info: Trillium Lake Loop; Trail #761

Distance: 2 miles

Elevation gain: 10 ft

Start: east side of the dam on the left side of campground, hiking clockwise towards Pond Lily Inlet

End: same place hike began to complete loop

Trillium Lake is a concession operated Forest Service day use side that charges a $5 fee per vehicle from May 15 through October 1. NW Forest Passes are accepted. Golden Age, Access, or other Day-use passes are not accepted here. We will make sure you are fully compensated for your pass.

What to Bring

  • Weather-appropriate clothing

  • Hiking boots or shoes

  • Backpack

  • Water bottle

  • Map and/or compass

  • First aid kit

  • Bug spray

  • An epipen, if needed

  • Small towel or bandanna

  • Sun block

  • Food (bring more than you think you will need)

  • Phone/camera

  • Mobility devices/trekking poles/walking stick

*** We are a considerable drive from the nearest hospital and if you have a serious allergy to anything you might encounter on a hike, or are prone to falling or injuring yourself, you might want to opt out of this activity. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the care you need but please understand that you are participating in this hike at your own risk.


This trail was built to be barrier free. The trail surface is a combination of wooden boardwalk and very finely compacted rock. The boardwalks at Trillium Lake may be difficult for some people with mobility issues to navigate. Please use extra caution while crossing the boardwalks. There are also a few benches along the trail.

Driving Directions

From the chalet, you want to get back on Government Camp Loop and get back onto US-26 E. Take that down about 1.7 miles until you see a sign that says “Trillium Lake 2 mi. ->.” This is NF-2656 and you will turn right here.

Follow NF-2656 all the way down for another 1.7 miles until you see a sign on your right hand side that says “Trillium Lake Day Use/Picnic Area.” Turn right and head down to the parking lots. The trail is accessible at the waterfront.

There are 2 parking lots in the Day Use area. They are marked in yellow on last image.

***Please note: Stay on NF-2656 till you get to the Day Use entrance. If you accidentally turn onto an unpaved gravel road but the sign still reads “NF-2656,” you have gone off the main road and into a single-lane shared corridor. If you do not immediately turn around to get back onto the paved roadway, you will be forced to take the gravel road for a good half hour before it drops you back off to the main road. We learned this the hard way so you don’t have to make the same mistake!

(You can click on any of these images to view a larger map)

About Aura


Aura Rose (they/them) will be leading the hiking workshop and Trillium Lake Loop hike. They are a self-taught TRANSdisciplinary artist, writer, photo taker, and activist.

“Creating and crafting with my hands gives me life. My experience in a fat queer non binary mixed-race and disabled body influences and shapes my work as a multiple media artist, writer/zine maker, and photographer.

I’m also a self-proclaimed stylist with quite the eye for exquisite items; read: champagne taste, PBR budget. I experience constant evolution even in terms of my physical appearance. It is my most treasured form of self expression.

I currently live in “Lacy, WA,” unceded dxʷsqʷaliʔ abš (Nisqually) territory, with my husband and cat."

You can follow them on Instagram at @wildwoodlandndn.