Fitness, Movement, and Recreation

Gyms / Personal Trainers

Fitness Center at Valley Medical Center: “A very safe and welcoming place for all people to go and exercise. They have water aerobics (which I love) and other classes on land. No extra fees for picking up a class and the BEST, free personal training on a first come, first serve basis. I worked primarily with 3 trainers before I moved and they were all awesome, not at all pushy about nutrition or supplements. They were encouraging and never made me feel like I was some kind of fat freak for attempting to do the physical things I wanted to, ie. warrior dash, dirty girl mud run, etc. I really can’t say enough good things about this gym.” -B.B. 

2.0 Next Level Fitness in Shoreline: "There is group fitness classes and PT offered. I love this gym!! It's a husband and wife who own it and they employ a couple other trainers. I love all of them, they never make me feel like I can't do anything or push me past my limits. Now don't get me wrong, you work and its hard - but they def respect your limitations. Class sizes are usually fairly small and I love that!" -T.C.

ModBody Fitness: "ModBody Fitness is AMAZING. Stacey is incredible, she's strong and supportive, never talks about weight or weight loss, and she's also not skinny (although, I don't know if she self-identifies as fat, but her body reflects mine, which I really love). I've been going for three months now, and I can feel my body getting stronger, my balance getting better, and she's working with me on my own fitness goals." -B.A.

Your Dynamic Body: "My trainer is amazing, and you work out in a tiny gym, just you and him! His name is Lyam White, and he never yells or mocks, and is very patient. He is the best! His gym is between Ballard and Phinney Ridge." - H.S.

Rocket Crossfit: “I never thought I'd find fat acceptance at a Crossfit gym, but the owner is fiercely committed to fighting fatphobia. She's even been hired by Crossfit Corporate HQ to help them teach other gyms how to be more inclusive.

She and the trainers have worked hard to build a gym that is inclusive and focused on challenging people to build strength and fitness on their own terms. It really helped me get over a lot of my old "fat kid in gym class" baggage!” - S.R.

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Movement Classes

The Pilates Company in Woodinville: “I’ve been taking pilates here and it’s great. Fair warning: it is /expensive. I am very privileged to be able to do as many classes as I have with them. They do have mat classes and something called a Booty Barre that is more geared toward traditional group class and is less expensive but I haven’t taken any of those yet. But they all seem very nice and there has been absolutely no weight shaming to either myself or my partner, who is a bigger guy. We focus on what our bodies can do. It’s really changed my view of my body.” -K.C.

Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque

Fierce Love Yoga in Snohomish: Fierce Love Yoga is a "champions for all body types" yoga studio. We have students who travel from Everett, North Seattle, Bothell, Bellevue, and Monroe. Our mission is to create a brave community, allowing people to connect/re-connect with their bodies, igniting the fire in their lives, and raising the vibe with their tribe. If you're looking for a non-conventional yoga studio, full of badass, sassy, and sexy women, this is will become your yoga home. (Submitted by Cherrish Teachout)

Whole Life Yoga in Greenwood: "Whole Life Yoga is great, but the Yoga for Round Bodies instructor doesnt talk BOPO, in my experience. She doesn't do diet talk but she doesn't do body positive talk, either. More just helping a "round body" to learn yoga moves that everyone can do, in case you struggle with getting into poses in a general yoga class. However, her class (Sunday nights) is very light and relaxing. The other classes at WLY are good, too, and I haven't noticed any body bashing or diet talk in any of them. They focus on vinyasa yoga. No hot yoga." -M.P.

Root 2 Rise in Woodinville: "Their yin and slow flow classes are excellent. Also the yin classes at Richmond Beach Yoga are great (although the clientele there is definitely not what I'd call diverse.)" -L.C.

Exit Space in Greenlake: "I used to go to Exit Space and really loved it! I found it to be a very body positive and inclusive space with a wide variety of body types, ages, & ability levels represented. Sadly I moved to Tukwila a couple years ago & it's no longer feasable for me to dance there. I miss it so much!" -E.N.

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Agua Verde Paddle Club"Agua Verde has a "sit-in" model that accommodates up to 400 lbs. I was concerned not just about weight, but also about hip width, but I have 72" hips and I fit just fine. The life jackets also fit me, no problem.

Getting into and out of the kayak was... not graceful. I had to be willing to look like a turtle on its back and willing to get my butt wet (both happened to me), but transferring yourself from the dock to the kayak is awkward only, not impossible. Once on the water at AV- head towards UW. This was the route where I had fun. The time that I attempted to go towards Gas Works, the water was super choppy and I almost gave up and starting crying in my kayak." -R.M.

"When I went, the staff were very helpful with getting into the kayak. It involves sitting on the doc next the the kayak and scooting over into it. Not necessarily easy, but I could do it! And I never felt like I was gonna fall out, it's harder to tip over than you think." -K.H.

ChunkyDunk in Portland

Kayaks for Big People

Aqua Zumba at Rainier Beach Pool: “This class is soooooo much fun. I have seen women (and a few men) of every size, shape, age, and race here and everyone just has a good time, dancing underwater to Latin and hip hop music. It's especially great if you're at all self-conscious about being coordinated in regular aerobics classes, because it's all underwater, and everyone looks a little goofy! I've brought friends of all sizes and everyone has a good time.” - S.R.

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