Primary Care Physicians

Dr. Michael Grabinski MD, MPH at The Polyclinic: "I just saw Michael Grabinski at the Polyclinic for the first time this morning and I liked him a lot. My weight did not come up even once and he was adamant that we need to figure out what's been causing the recurrent, debilitating symptoms I've been having for almost 3 years. My previous PCP would just run the same tests and when they came back normal, that was it. Dr. Grabinski had several ideas of things to check out and he was very concerned that I've been suffering for so long without any real help. I would recommend him and his schedule doesn't seem terribly booked up right now (I got in within a week and a half). I'm feeling pretty hopeful right now for the first time in years." -D.W.

Dr. Ashley Hamilton, DO at Renton Pacific Medical Center: "When I first started seeing her, we briefly talked about my weight and I let her know that I'm finally at a happy place with my body and would rather not talk weight loss and she was perfectly happy with that and hasn't mentioned it since. I've been seeing her for a few years now and she actually listens and gives me referrals as needed." -E.W.

Dr. Jackline S. Joseph, MD at Interlake Medical Center in Redmond: "Dr. Jackline Joseph is wonderful. She's on the Fat Friendly Healthcare Professionals list and has been great about treating my symptoms, not my fat." -S.A.

Dr. Janna B. Chao, MD at Swedish: She has been my PCP for 4, almost 5 years. She is great: she listens, she is intuitive, she is very kind, and she acknowledges that weight is complicated. We have talked about my weight, but she has never prescribed weight loss for any issue that I’ve gone to her with. (She has helped me manage my PCOS symptoms very effectively, also.)” -R.E.

Dr. Kathy J. Thomas, MD at Group Health Family Health Center at Capitol Hill

Dr. Norman Seaholm, MD at MultiCare Northshore Clinic: “Dr. Norman Seaholm has been my doctor for about 10 years, and I not only happily drive about an hour for our appointments, but recently chose a more expensive health insurance plan just so I could keep seeing him. He has been a terrific ally in keeping my BG in line and my diabetes in check by any means necessary. We agreed long ago that while some things might be easier if I were smaller, it didn’t have to be a goal to force me there against my body’s will. While he occasionally checks in with me to see what my current thinking is about my size and whether I’d like to try some kind of new weight-loss med, he NEVER pushes me about it. It’s always about my choices and my goals, and he’s there to help me do what I want. He’s also really respectful of me as an intelligent person who does a lot of research and reading on my own; he doesn’t get resentful or arrogant about it, and has been happy to help me try new treatments that I find and am excited about. He’s focused on keeping my important numbers good - BG, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. - and working WITH me, not despite me. (The other staff members there are always unfailingly pleasant and professional, too.)” -M.H.

Dr. Thi C. Nguyen, MD at Swedish Factoria Primary Care: “Love my doc, Dr. Nguyen at the Swedish clinic in Factoria: she’s a bigger lady herself and never gives me grief about weight.” -H.B.

Dr. Annelise M. Gaaserud, MD, MPH at Group Health Family Health Center at Capitol Hill: “I will give a big thumbs up to my doc at Group Health. I tried several before I found her. Not only does she listen to what I have to say about my body, but she doesn’t say a thing about my weight and in my quest to conceive, she still hasn’t pressured me. Once she asked what I thought about bariatric surgery because I said I was frustrated and I said “Nope, not an option” and she dropped it immediately and said ok, no problem. She also never seems in too much of a hurry to actually listen to me.“ -M.H.

Dr. Dane S. Travis ,MD at Swedish


Dr. Sai Prasanna Mannem, MD at Overlake Medical Clinics Primary Care Bellevue: "The first doctor I've known who I would say has actually supported and improved my overall health. (Instead of fixating on my weight.)" -C.N.

Dr. Emily Balser, MD: "I've been seeing Emily Balser for 11 years and she's terrific. The only time she brings up my weight is if I bring it up first." -S.S.

Dr. Thomas J. Duncan, MD at Tumwater Family

Dr. W. Brad Shoup, MD at Totem Lake Family Medicine in Kirkland: "He's never brought up my weight. I'm sure if I said something he would but he treats me not my weight." -B.S.

Dr. Jillian S. Moshay, MD: "I recently discovered Dr. Moshay down near the U. Village in Seattle, referred to me by an Opal client. She is totally HAES friendly and will warn you not to view your electronic file if you don't want to see your weight. She is quickly accessible via their online site. She works with a log of people recovering from E.D., and she had a family practice." -M.P.P.

Dr. Kimberly Painter, MD of Group Health Northgate: "She has been fantastic to work with. We had an honest convo about my weight, as well as eating disorder issues, when I first began seeing her, and she has never talked about it again. She treats me for Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure, two areas that a lot of docs would jump on the weight loss bandwagon, so I'm grateful for her." -M.W

Dr. Zahra A. Karmali, MD at Swedish: "When it came to my weight, they never brought it up even when talking about my signs for being pre-diabetic, and instead were happy to come up with other markers of health (including mental health!) to gauge my well-being." -A.O.

Dr. Nina A. Maisterra, MD at UW Belltown: "Last year due to insurance I was seen at Swedish and my PCP suggested WLS even though I didn't have really a medical reason to do anything that extreme. Dr. Maisterra referred me to an endocrinologist and didn't speak those dreaded words. I felt very respected by all the staff at the clinic. Only con is accessibility. No clinic parking though there were handicap spaces on the street in front." -K.A.

Valerie J. Mazziotti, PA-C at Virginia Mason Issaquah Medical Center: "I love love how sweet and caring Valerie Mazziotti is. I live in Renton and go see her in Issaquah. She's my GP but she also does obgyn well-checks. I felt very comfortable with her and felt like she really cared about me and wanted to really listen and team up to address issues." -I.B.

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Women's Health

Dr. Sarah de la Torre, MD at Seattle OB/GYN: "She's awesome, I've been seeing her for about 10 years. She has warm hands and while she's very fit, she doesn't body/fat shame. She was also really open minded when I was poly." -S.S.

Dr. Myra Horiuchi, MD at Edmonds Family Medicine

Dr. Orly Steinberg, MD at Mill Creek OB/GYN: "I seriously love Dr Orly Steinberg at Millcreek OBGYN. I work at the maternity center at EvergreenHealth and have gone to a bajillion doctors but I love her. She never brings up anything I don't want to talk about, sits with me in her office and chats, asks me what I want out of my healthcare, and she's just great." -B.S.

Dr. Jessica Cabodi, MD at the Northgate Polyclinic

Dr. Jillian S. Moshay, MD at Swedish Sand Point Primary Care: "Dr. Moshay is a great HAES women's health practitioner. She is awesome and very careful to ask before weighing, etc." -M.P.P.

Clare M Cloutier, PAC at Franciscan Medical Clinic West Seattle

Dr. Elena M. Hannon, MD at Group Health Capitol Hill Campus South Specialty Center

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Sleep Medicine

Dr. Darius Zoroufy, MD at Swedish: "I used to work in sleep medicine. Darius Zoroufy at Swedish is one of the best docs I ever worked for. That said I'm not sure exactly how fat positive you are looking for. He might tell you that losing weight might help, but he's not going to preach at you." -S.S.

Dr. Theodore E. Bushnell MD at Harborview Sleep Clinic: "My husband worked with Dr. Bushnell at the Harborview Sleep Clinic and thought he was super respectful and not fat-shamey at all." -R.E.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Maura Scanlan ND, LAc“She seems pretty open about the HAES and so far is really good at helping with my specific issues without judgment.” -S.S.

Dr. Jennifer Lush ND at North Seattle Natural Medicine: “For folks who might be looking for a naturopath that specialises in women’s health.. I have seen Jennifer Lush for a little over two years now and she’s always listened to me, never lectured about weight…we have discussed weight but not once have I felt that she had some agenda to push me into an “exercise more/eat less” model…She offers primary care medicine with a women’s health, hormone balancing and treatment for food and environmental allergies and mood disorders.“ -K.H.

Dr. Chrissie Cirovic, ND at Sound Lifestyle Medicine

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Clackamette Chiropractic and Massage in Oregon City - "Dr. Bob is wonderful and has helped me a lot." -J.M.

The Vital Energy Center in Seattle - "I have loved Jared Kohler at the Vital Energy Center in Seattle - he's never said anything about my size, and has fixed my neck and low back several times!" -L.W.

Kirkland Life Chiropractic - "I'm seeing a super awesome chiro in Kirkland for headaches/neck pain: Kirkland Life Chiropractic, Dr Jeremy. He is also fat and has never blamed my weight for any of the issues that I'm experiencing." -R.E.

Dr. Bailey Ferkel in West Seattle

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Amber Nordholm at Moment: “She is a posture and movement specialist who helped me after I injured my foot while trying out Couch 2 5K. After being disappointed that the Sports Medicine doc at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic fat shamed me and gave me exercises to heal the symptom, Amber actually listened to my health & fitness history and helped me deal with the root cause of my issues - poor posture from old injuries not healing properly. Not once ever did she tell me that the problem was the extra weight my ankle was carrying (total bs btw). Basically, if you just want to move better go see Amber. She offers a free consultation and after that she is worth every single penny.” -U.J.

Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM at NW Foot & Ankle Center: “Unlike so many other foot docs, he doesn’t blame every little thing on a person being heavy.” -B.B. 

Dr. Jon B. Olson, MD , Joanna Katz, ARNP in Edmonds: "I have lived with chronic back pain since I was 16, and they have been really wonderful at taking care of me, working with me to figure out pain relief (including exploring non-pharmaceutical solutions), and most and best of all, making me feel heard and believed. They just had another doctor, Dr. Brendan O'Donnell, join their practice earlier this year, and I've had one appointment with him. He was extraordinarily thorough and helpful and I was encouraged by his demeanor and methods. I do still drive to Edmonds quarterly for evaluation and medication management. (Particularly curious folks may notice that I specifically recommended three of the four doctors at that practice. That is purposeful.)" -K.C.

Arwyn Daemyir at Holding Space Massage in Portland

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Physical therapy

Lisa Quinn at Greenwood Physical Therapy: "She was always very accommodating with my mobility issues and was never condescending when treating me." -K.H.

Dr. Andrew Eisentrout, DPT at The Everett Clinic at Shoreline: "I LOVE HIM! I recently had an orthopedic doctor practically fat shame me and he's gonna help with that situation and was very positive and reassuring when I spoke with him about it." -T.C.

Real Rehab in Northgate

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Dietitians / Nutritionists

Diane Summers, RD, CEDRD, CD at Hope Nutrition Therapy: A nationally registered and state certified dietitian with extensive experience treating eating disorders at all levels of care.

Opal: Food + Body Wisdom: Provides mental health and nutrition counseling for people struggling with a continuum of food/body image concerns. The clinic is firmly rooted in the HAES philosophy and has organized or sponsored many HAES trainings in the Seattle-area. All of the therapists, psychiatric providers, and dietitians are experts in eating disorders and provide a holistic, non-diet approach that is weight-neutral. Opal also provides an annual HAES Psychoeduation group that is 10-weeks long and a HAES Alumni group for group participants to continue receiving support on living in a HAES-informed way in a culture of weight bias and diet mentality. (Submitted by Simone Pierson)

Be Nourished in Portland: "Be Nourished on Williams St in Portland is AMAZING. I lovelovelove them, and super highly recommend them both for therapy and nutritional counseling." -W.W.

Kathleen Putnam of NutritionWorks: "I've seen her for 6 years and has bern amazingly helpful and critical for my ed recovery." -E.D.

Palate Nutrition and Culinary Therapy: Specializes in providing stigma-free support in the kitchen. Simone Pierson, a dietitian/nutritionist in Seattle and Everett who specializes in culinary therapy and practices from a HAES approach, works as a professional cook and enjoys bringing that experience to her work with clients who struggle with the logistical tasks that come with eating consistently throughout the day. Pierson tailors her work to meet each client where they're at -- whether they are needing support in the grocery store or in their home kitchen, or just need some meals prepared for them each week. 

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Mental Health

Kimberly McMartin, MA, LMHC at Illuminate Counseling in North Bend: Mental health counselor who specializes in eating and weight-related issues.

Amy Klein at Embodied Wellness in Fremont: Offers mental health and nutrition counseling services

Jennifer Creson MA, LMHCA: “Private practi ce in Capitol Hill, also has special training and experience working with LGBTQIA identified people.” -R.A.

Matthew Tiemeyer at Blue Harbor Counseling: Licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) who works with adults, teens 15 and older, and couples.

Meira Shupack: Independent clinical social worker specializing in counseling, and psychotherapy, somatic psychotherapy, healing through relationship and felt sense.

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