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Marymoor Park in Redmond: "I'm a size 24 and fit. I'm hip and thigh heavy so it is a bit snug. They do accommodate wheelchairs. I am not sure if they have armless chairs. If there is a number to call, I would." -K.W.R.

The Moore Theater in Seattle: "They have accessible seating available to those who need it - you can book it directly on ticketmaster or call The Moore to ask about it." -K.B.

"[Re: Accessible seating] They give you one of two options, based on their availability and the show: You are either seated in freestanding chair on left or right of the stage where the ushers sometimes stand, or sometimes on the back part of venue on elevated platform where the soundboard is. I have found that working with STG has always been very easy when it comes to accessible seating at any of their theatres." -K.H.

The Center Theatre in Seattle: "I've seen several shows there and they work for me - I'm a 22/24 in pants." -L.W.

"I've always been comfortable in the seats there, especially since they redid their seating recently." -C.V.W.

"I have been to many shows there very comfortably!" - K.H.

Benaroya Hall in Seattle: "No worries with Benaroya. I fit in the seats just fine. I remember being pretty close to my neighbor, but no big whoop. If you can get moved to one of the box seats those are individual chairs. I LOVE Benaroya!" -M.W.H.

McCaw Hall in Seattle: "I'm a size 22 with pretty big hips and it was no problem for me!" -K.H.

"I have 77" hips and the last time I was there (several years ago), I don't remember having any trouble. I can't remember the seats being remarkably comfortable, but they were not markedly terrible and I enjoyed myself, so I think they were probably OK." -M.H.E.